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of the senate democrats greatest nemesis, that's republican leader mitch mcconnell and here with ann lewis, msnbc contributor perry bacon jr. and white house correspondent democrats finally have a senate candidate in kentucky. after months of courting, secretary of state launched her campaign in a hastily organized five-minute press conference in frankfort. >> i agree with thousands of kentuckians that kentucky is tired of 28 years of obstruction. >> next day the mcconnell campaign responded in an interesting way posting a rather unconventional web video targeting grimes. >> i want to thank me -- i want to thank me. >> me. >> i want to thank. >> as i said, interesting. that video actually goes on for over a minute and a half. senate democrats are playing defense in 2014 mainly because they picked up so many seats back in 2008 when president obama won. out of the over one-third of the senate up next year compared to 14 seats for the republicans and most of the republican seats are in deep red gop territory. mcconnell himself is probably the most vulnerable republican up and gr
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1